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Rainbow Falls Fishing Day

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 by Hayden Outdoors
On March 28th 2009 Eric West and Matt Brown were invited to an all day private fly fishing event at Rainbow Falls Park (http://www.rainbowfallsmt.com/) If you recall, Rainbow Falls (9 Spring Fed Lakes, Trout Creek, Colorado’s First Fish Hatchery) was on the market last year for $3M and sold in just a few months to a wonderful family from Iowa. The family decided to keep the park open for fishing, but have brought a new and refreshing paradigm to the way the park will operate. Instead of being open to the general public (as it was for over 100 years) as a “put and take” fishery, the park will now be available (for a very short period of time I’m sure) as an exclusive private fly fishing membership (with one “put and take” lake available for children.) Each member will receive an electronic gate key and will be able to swipe themselves(and the family) into the property for all day adrenaline filled fly fishing 7 days a week from April through November.

When we heard Rainbow Falls was hosting an all day fly fishing event in the early spring and that the property had not been **fly fished** in many, many months (if ever!) we strung up our rods and put the pedal to the metal. Luckily, Rainbow Falls is only a short 15 minute drive from my real estate office on the banks of the South Platte River near Deckers, so you did not have to twist my arm too far!! (It’s also located just a few minutes from Woodland Park CO) Needless to say the fishing was nothing short of LEGENDARY! Massive,  brightly colored Browns were taking streamers and wolly buggers like it was their last meal, and the Rainbows were very hot and feisty…..the echo of zinging fly reels filled the canyon walls more than once. By the time it was said and done, we easily stuck 50+ lips, and enjoyed some of the most intense scenery you could imagine. You just have to see this property to believe it! It has more water than land, both lush flat ground and canyon, and it is incredibly private and tucked away…not too mentioned bordered by national forest!

Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout Inc is located aprox 8 miles north of Woodland Park on Hwy N 67

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